I have a House Lamb!

Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, I’ve had lambs living in the house every year since I first got Valais Sheep in 2020, so why would 2023 be any different! Little Miss Nithsdale Kan-Kan Kanga got stepped on by her very clumsy mum on only her first day of existence! She has her leg cast by the vet but she would never be able to compete with her twin brother, Kusco, for milk so she had to be taken off mum and raised as a pet to ensure she gets all the milk she needs for a growing and healing girl. She’s an absolute sweet heart and should hopefully heal up nicely as it was a clean break. Well done, Heidi. She’s an absolute trooper and the dogs and cats absolutely adore her and vice versa. She shouts very loudly if she can’t see me or one of her spotty uncles or aunties around her! Will keep updating on her progress.

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